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Social & Cultural Psychology Lab

칭찬은 고래의 인생을 망친다 1


칭찬은 고래의 인생을 망친다 2


칭찬은 고래의 인생을 망친다 3




In our research, we seek to examine both within- and between-culture differences in how people perceive the self and its consequences for achievement motivation, performance, mental health, self-regulation, and moral behavior, particularly based on the cultural logics and contexts of face and dignity cultures. The three major questions we address in our research are: (1) What are the different bases to the individual differences in self-understanding in European American and East Asian contexts (a first- vs. third-person perspective in dignity and face cultures), and what are the implications of these cultural and individual differences for the construction of the self as a competent, moral, successful, happy person?, (2) Do unrealistic beliefs about the self and the cultural practices that support these beliefs (e.g., providing unrealistically positive or negative performance feedback) benefit or harm intellectual performance and motivation and mental health and well-being?, and (3) Do East Asians need positive self-regard less; and if not, how do East Asians express their positive self?





Face and Dignity Cultures, Self and Identity, Positive Psychology, Positive Illusion (Unrealistic Positive Self-Perception), Self-Esteem, Self-Assessment Biases, Morality, Citizenship Behavior, Social Reputation, Private vs. Public Self, Self-Enhancement, Subjective Well-Being, Lookism, Achievement Motivation, Self-Deception, Self-Regulation (Prevention vs. Promotion)



연구 주제


1. 사회및문화심리 (체면vs.존엄문화, 외모지상주의, 시민의식/도덕성, 행복, 자기조절)

2. 긍정심리 (긍정적vs.부정적 자아평가, 자존감, 칭찬과 비판, 성취/성취동기, 자기 속임)

3. 연인관계 (결혼만족도, 연인관계, 정서억제, 정서표현, 성차, 대화방식, 배우자의 성실성)